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(*Other recording products may cause VodBurner to malfunction, so it’s important you close Skype if you have one of these.  You don’t need Skype running in order to make and record calls with VodBurner).

If you get stuck, click here for help and support.


  • “What you see is what you get” recording panel.
  • Record direct to MOV, MP4, M4A and other formats.
  • Record video + audio or audio only.
  • Capture both sides, other side only or this side only.
  • Switch between sides with hotkey during call.
  • Choose between letterboxed or zoomed view.
  • Recording is available instantly after the call.
  • Make and receive calls directly from within VodBurner – no need to start Skype.

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We hope you enjoy VodBurner for Mac!

SkypeOut is Skype terminology for making calls to standard phone lines. This includes land lines and mobile/cell phones – i.e. any number you can call from a standard phone except emergency numbers (e.g. 000, 999) and, in some cases, toll-free numbers.

SkypeOut calls are charged per minute. The rates are cheap (comparable to calling card rates). Quality can vary, from nearly equivalent to a normal phone, to very patchy, depending on a variety of factors. Calls to mobile phones can be problematic, as the glitches on the mobile network compound with glitches on the Skype network and internet, making some calls unworkable. However Skype are working to improve this and you can expect quality to improve over time.

The following steps show you how to make a SkypeOut call. They assume that you already have Skype installed and set up. (If you don’t, click here to see how to do that).

To make a SkypeOut call:

1. Click here to add some Skype Credit to your account.

2. Wait for a confirmation email from Skype and for your new Skype Credits to appear added to your Skype balance.

3. Click on the “Dial” tab within Skype. Make sure the selected country is correct,

4. Dial the number by clicking the numbers on the keypad. You will need to include an area code, even for numbers that are within the same area code as you. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged long distance rates (Skype charge you the same low rate regardless from where in the world you are calling), however keep in mind that the charging is time-based, so on longer calls you may be charged more than for a local call using your normal phone, if your phone service provider provides fixed price local calls.

5. Click on the green call button and wait for the person you are calling to answer.
If you would like Skype video calls recorded, download a trial of VodBurner up the top of this page. VodBurner records Skype video calls and lets you edit. We offer a free 14 day trial.

In a nutshell, SkypeOut is basically the opposite of SkypeIn. If you want to call normal phones and have them be able to call you, you need both SkypeOut and SkypeIn. You can purchase your unique SkypeIn number here.

SkypeIn or ‘Skype Number’ is Skype terminology for being able to take calls from normal phones using Skype.

Obviously for people to be able to call you on Skype using a plain old traditional phone or mobile/cell phone, they need a number to call. So when you sign up for SkypeIn, the people at Skype give you your very own number. When people dial that number from any phone, your Skype application (or Skype phone if you have one) will ring.

(One of the interesting things about this number is that you can ask the people at Skype to give you a number in your own country, or in a number of overseas countries. So, you could be living in London but answering calls made to a Los Angeles number for instance).

The following steps show you how to get a SkypeIn number (or multiple SkypeIn numbers if you want). The steps assume that you already have Skype installed and set up. (If you don’t, click here to see how to do that).

1. A SkypeIn number needs to be purchased. Unfortunately at present this is a separate process to purchasing SkypeOut credit – hopefully the people at Skype will streamline this in the future. In the meantime, it’s basically a separate deal. You can purchase your unique SkypeIn number here.

2. After completing the purchase process, wait to receive a confirmation email from Skype. Once it’s all confirmed, your number will be active and ready to take calls.

3. If you would like to record Skype video calls, download a trial of VodBurner up the top of this page.  VodBurner records Skype video calls and lets you edit. We offer a free 14 day trial.

In a nutshell, SkypeIn is basically the opposite of SkypeOut. If you want to call normal phones and have them be able to call you, you need both SkypeIn and SkypeOut.

Follow these steps to uninstall VodBurner for Mac:
  1. Remove the VodBurner application from Applications
  2. Delete VBSpeaker.kext and VBMic.kext in /System/Library/Extensions (please restart after doing this).


VodBurner has a range of features including inbuilt editing to produce a high quality Skype video production.  We understand that sometimes you might want to record a quick Skype video (to make a side by side video recording without the need to edit the video).  Here is how you can record direct to MP4 with VodBurner.

To enable “Direct to MP4” mode in VodBurner, follow these steps:

  1. In VodBurner, go to the Options tab, and click the Configure button (shown below):


  2. In the VodBurner Options dialog, click the Recording tab:


3. Click ‘Direct to MP4’ and click OK.

Advantages of Direct to MP4 mode:

– Saves on disk space (no large raw recording files)
– Saves on time (no time in waiting for the Post-Production Console to prepare for editing)

Disadvantages of Direct to MP4 mode:

– No editing (video files can’t be edited within VodBurner but you can edit them in a video editing app of your choice)
– Lower quality (best results require Intel 2nd Gen i3/i5/i7 CPU or later)

Let us know how you go with VodBurner’s Direct to MP4 mode.  If you have any questions, hit us up on the Contact Us link.

VodBurner does a great job at recording Skype video calls.  It also has advanced audio features such as the ability to record each side of the Skype video call to separate .WAV files.  This is useful if you are trying to make a podcast of your recording as separate WAV files means you have greater control in editing / mixing down for podcast.  Follow these steps to export WAV files from your VodBurner recordings:

  1. In VodBurner, go to the Previous Calls tab.
  2. Select your recording and click Edit.
  3. In VodBurner’s Post-Production Console, go to the “Finish” tab.  Click the “Generate Video File” button to create an MP4 file.
  4. The Generate Video File dialog is shown.  Tick the WAV file option “Generate separate audio files (WAV) to create a WAV file for each side (as shown below) and click OK:


Note: VodBurner doesn’t create MP3 files but you can use free utilities such as WinFF ( http://winff.org ) to convert from MP4 to MP3.

VodBurner can record Skype video in split-screen (side-by-side).

Step By Step Guide

To do this, go to Previous Calls, click on the call, then click Edit.

The post-production console will start.  Click “Clear All Transitions”, then select “Both Sides” in the panel on the right-hand side.

Now click the “Finish” tab, and then click “Generate Video File” and follow the prompts.

A video file will be generated that contains a split-screen of the video (side-by-side), together with both sides audio.

VodBurner’s Enhance Tab has a range of powerful features to dress-up your recorded Skype video call during the editing process.  To access the Enhance features, select a previously recorded call, select Edit, and the VodBurner Post-Production Console will open.

The Enhance tab is shown below – it is the second tab from the left up the top of the Post-Production console:

The Enhance Tab

The Enhance Tab

In the VodBurner enhance tab, there are three main features:

  • Add Text
  • Add Picture
  • Add Audio

Add Text

Click the Add Text button to add text on your video (as shown below):

Enhance - Add Text button

Enhance - Add Text button

In this example, you can see that we have added two pieces of text. The first being “Paul” and the second being “Jeremy”.

On the lower right-hand side of the Post-Production Console, you can control the Font Size, Colour, Background, and the time period for which the Text is shown on the screen (as shown below):

Enhance - Add Text Controls

Enhance - Add Text Controls

Add Picture

The Add Picture button

Click here to download VodBurner for Mac.

VodBurner for Mac records Skype video and audio calls.  To use it you will need Mac OSX 10.7 (Lion) or later.  You don’t need to have Skype installed, but if it is, that is fine also.

Once you’ve installed and started VodBurner for Mac, just sign in with your existing Skype account.  (If you don’t have a Skype account you will need to install Skype and use it to set up an account).

When you sign in for the first time there will be a short delay (around 30 seconds) while VodBurner initializes your settings.

After this will see your Skype contacts listed.  To make a call, move the mouse over the contact so that the green call button appears, then click it to make a call.  Alternatively, if someone calls you, you will see an “Answer” button.

Once the call is started you will see a video window showing you and the other party.  Move the mouse over the video window to see the recording controls.  Click the large record button at bottom center of the window to commence recording.

VodBurner will record the window exactly as you see it (except for the recording controls of course).  You can control who appears, and where, by clicking the small cogwheel icon, and choosing the “Show>Layout” menu item.  You can also control whether the video is zoomed or letterboxed by choosing “Show>Zoom”.

To finish recording, click the stop button, or click the red hang-up button to finish the call.

After the recording is stopped, you will see a triangular “play” button in the contact list, next to your contact.  Click it to bring the recording up in the Mac Finder.  Double-click the file in Finder to play it back in QuickTime or other default player.

You will notice that the recording is in MOV format.  VodBurner can also create MP4 and M4V files (as well as M4A and WAV if you only wish to record audio).  These options are available under the cogwheel icon mentioned above: under the Format submenu.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact VodBurner support.