VodBurner Change History

Latest Version:

Important release – VodBurner will continue working with Skype beyond December 2013 (despite messages in the Skype 6.9 & 6.10 clients).  The Skype API is being continued for recording apps like VodBurner (Skype’s official statement and Skype’s revised statement).

Up to Skype 6.18 and beyond compatibility.

Important release – from this version, VodBurner no longer uses the Skype API.  The Skype API is being retired at the end of December 2013 by Skype (Skype’s official statement).

Skype 6.9 compatibility.

VodBurner will continue working with Skype beyond December 2013.

Slight changes in this version (we had to make these changes as we used to use the Skype API for these functions):

  • To hang up the call, you need to hang up the call from within Skype.
  • In Previous Calls, we used to put the contacts first name and last name in the call history.  Now it says “Skype Contact” – we used to get the first and last name details from the Skype API.

Skype 6.7 compatibility

New MP4 options for Windows 8 users:

  • The ability to split out separate H.264 MPEG4s so you have ‘this side.mp4’ and ‘other side.mp4’.
  • Generate MPEG4 at a resolutions up to 1920×1080 Skype HD.
  • Greater control video quality of MPEG4 output. 1-100 rating where 100 is top MPEG4 quality.

Skype 6.5 compatibility.

Skype 6.0 compatibility.

Fix for problem where video freezes in Windows Media Player if recorded in “Direct to MP4” mode on some PCs.

Added option to turn on-board Intel H.264 compression on or off, on second generation I3/I5/I7 or later PCs.

Fixed problem with incorrect warning, and recording not working on some PCs.

Fixed problems with Youtube upload.

Fixed problems with audio/video sync that occurred under some circumstances.

Default to H.264 compression on machines that have Intel Sandybridge architecture.

Improved detection of running Skype process.

Prevent problems that occurred if recording was started too soon after VodBurner startup.

Better conflict detection and prevention (detection of other installed products that may interfere with VodBurner).

Various other minor fixes.

Support for Skype 5.10

Various other fixes and enhancements

Improved quality when using “Small Files” option.

Fixed bug preventing VodBurner from recording under some circumstances.

New option to record direct to MP4 files for those who do not need editing facilities and who do not have the disk space or the time required for traditional VodBurner video production.

Support for native recording of latest HD webcams, up to 1080p.

Various fixes.

Added option to record camera indirectly, for systems where the camera equipment is not recognized by VodBurner.

Fixed bug causing other side not to be recorded on some systems when the other side is using an ipad.

Fixed problem in MP4 files with timing of display of text and other elements, in videos with skipped segments and/or breaks.

Support for Skype 5.7.

Fixed problem where VB mistakes some normal calls for group video calls.

Fix for “black frames” appearing in editor after video generation cancelled.

Added option to prevent audio alert when other side video not detected.

Fix for bug in MP4 generation of videos that include skipped segments.

Improvements to reliability of camera recording.

Fixed problem causing Skype to crash about a minute in to calls using HD webcams on some PCs. Changes

Added option to allow other side to be shown on left, and this side on right.

For Group Video Calls, added “Custom” option to allow flexible choice of person shown, and order in which multiple people are shown. Changes

Warn if Windows Media Feature Pack not installed (e.g. on Windows 7 N).

Default to “minimum disk space” option on PCs with second generation I3, I5 or I7 CPU.

Improved lip sync on some PCs, including Macs running Windows via bootcamp. Changes

Support for Group Video Call recording.

Improved quality when using “minimum disk space” option, on PCs with second generation I3, I5 or I7 CPU.

Hang Up button now hangs up all parties on a group call. Changes

Added volume control to post-production console, to allow balancing of audio between the two sides.

Added option to generate WAV files, one for each side. Changes

Fix for rare cases where this side video was not recorded. Changes

More reliable detection of camera vs. other side.

Fix for rare cases where other side not recorded.

Fixes to “minimum disk” option. Changes

Added “minimum disk” option, which produces much smaller raw recording files. Changes

Fixed issue with video being displayed at inconsistent aspect ratios in the post-production console, and in the finished video. Changes

Fixed problem with occassionally flickering video when other party is on iphone.

Fixed problem doing “Add Video” with some WMV files. Changes

Fixed problem with video being rotated when other party is on iphone.

Prevent rare cases of hanging/errors when “preparing video for editing”. Changes

Fixed flickering of other side video problem affecting a small number of PCs.

Further recording reliability changes. Changes

Improved reliability of recording other side video on some Windows XP machines. Changes

Further stability improvements to Skype 5.2 and 5.3 recording. Changes

Further stability improvements to Skype 5.2 and 5.3 recording.

Issue warning if hard disk is FAT32 format (not supported).

Better alerting of any problems with recording.

Miscellaneous improvements. Changes

Further stability improvements to Skype 5.3 recording

Fixed problems recording other side video in Skype 5.2.60.x Changes

Stability improvements to Skype 5.3 recording Changes

Compatibility with Skype 5.3 Changes

Reduced installer file size.

Can now use “Compress frames” option during trial.

Default recording mode now compresses frames for smaller file sizes. Changes

Add external video during editing.


Option to fade text and pictures in and out.

Minor fix to MP4 file generation.

Fix for rare cases of other side video not being recorded. Changes

Support for generation of MP4 format. Changes

Fix to problem where frame rate of recording on some Skype 5.1 calls was lower than the actual frame rate of the call. Changes

Fix to problem where either or both sides of call video was not recorded in some rare cases. Changes

Better reporting of internal problems if they occur during recording. Changes

Skype 5.1 compatibility. Changes

Bug fix affecting calls with no audio. Changes

Added options to adjust synchronization of the two sides of the call.

Bug fixes affecting calls with missing audio.

Fixed display issues on systems using larger than normal font sizes.

Added extra resolution and aspect ratio options for video generation.

Bug fixes affecting long calls at 720p resolution.

Improved reporting of system errors during recording.

Fix to problem where “Preparation for editing” would hang at the end.

Fix to problem where “Add Text” would show as blank unless font altered. Changes

Fixed problem where VodBurner would hang at startup. Changes

Fixes for compatibility with Skype 5.0 production release. (Wasn’t recording the other side of the call).

Support for systems with older video cards.

Fixed synchronization problem that was occurring on multi-CPU systems when the two system clocks drifted out of sync.

Added browse button in “Previous Calls”.

Minor fixes in Post-Production Console. Changes

Fixes to compatibility with Skype 5.0 Beta 2.

Fixes to crashes occurring on some systems using 720p HD cameras. Changes

Compatibility with Skype 5.0 Beta 2.

Minor Post-Production Console fixes and enhancements.

Added 10 second blank “outro” to generated videos, for improved compatibility with 3rd party editing tools. Changes

Options to reduce disk usage through compression and frame rate control.

Fix to rare issue with VodBurner crashing when generating 640×480 final video. Changes

Support for RGB565 video format. Changes

Fixed “frozen picture” problem in final video for long, high resolution recordings. Changes

Fixes to problems with recording of screen sharing sessions using Skype 5. Changes

Fixes to problems occuring with synchronization in calls that were put on hold, or for which recording was paused.

Fixed crashes when generating video for calls that were put on hold, or for which recording was paused. Changes

Can now edit and generate videos for calls where no audio was available.

Fixed problem preventing other side video from showing when there is no other side audio.

Other minor fixes. Changes

Fixed garbled audio on some Vista and Windows PCs. Changes

Fixed problems causing hanging on some PCs when preparing recording for editing, or when generating finished video file. Changes

Alterations to generated video format to better support importing into advanced editors such as Adobe Premiere Pro. Changes

Fixed distorted video recording when recording Skype 5.0 on some PCs. Changes

Better support for latest pre-release versions of Skype (lower CPU usage when recording). Changes

Fixed issue where user is unable to edit recordings in rare cases. Changes

Support for more versions of Skype.

Other minor fixes. Changes

Fix to recording this side of the call on some HP Pavilion laptops. Changes

Major new release.

Includes new tab: “Enhance” for advanced editing. The Enhance tab allows you to add text, pictures and background audio to your video.

Flexible Aspect Ratios: VodBurner can now generate video in 16:9 and 8:3 in addition to the standard 4:3 aspect ratio. VodBurner also supports a number of other standard aspect ratios.

The release also contains numerous other minor enhancements and fixes. Changes

Prevent cases of application freezing up during preparation of the recording for first edit. Changes

Prevent cases of application freezing up during generation of finished video. Changes

Improved stability.

Fixed problem where video recorded from camera was shown incorrectly (in the wrong format) under some circumstances. Changes

Fixed problem where video would flicker during the call on some PCs. Changes

Fixed problem preventing the final video file from being generated correctly when there is no video available for “this side” of the call. Changes

Fixed “Unable to convert Video or Audio Data” error when attempting to view or edit recorded video for some users.

Fixed issue with Post-Production Console not starting on German Language PCs. Changes

Fixed issue with Post-Production Console not starting on German Language PCs. Changes

Fixed issue with Post-Production Console not starting on some Vista PCs.

Fixed issue with final ASF file being generated incorrectly in some cases, when “Skip” segments are used. Changes

Fixed issue with reduced frame rates on some PCs.

Fixed issue with post-production console being prevented from starting by virus-checkers. Changes

Now supports saving of the final video in high resolution (up to the maximum resolution used during the call for either side. Was previously limited to 320×240).

Post-production Console now has a “Clear Transitions” button to quickly remove automatic transitions if they are not required.

Other minor fixes. Changes

Fixed issue with video for this side of the call not being picked up on some systems.

Other minor fixes. Changes

Support for screen sharing capture (up to resolution of 1920 x 1080). NOTE: Generated video is 320×240 only. This will be improved in an upcoming release.

Support for high quality cameras (720p). NOTE: Generated video is 320×240 only. This will be improved in an upcoming release.

Automatically discover stray VBC files so “lost” recordings can be viewed and edited.

Support for cameras that use RGB32 format.

Streamlined behavior of “Previous Calls” tab.

Fixed problem with repetitive warning bubble that appears when no audio is detected.

Other minor fixes. Changes

Fixed bug whereby other applications would lose focus with VodBurner installed. Changes

Better reporting of internal errors.

Fixed bug that could cause final video generation to hang. Changes

Skype 4.2 compatibility.

Upload to YouTube.

Option to split final video into multiple files.

Fixed problem where VodBurner would sometimes hang when editing a video for the first time.

Reorganized toolbar in Post Production Console.

Various minor bug fixes. Changes

Free version (after 30 day trial finishes) now allows recording (but adds watermarks, unless other party is also running VodBurner).

Added trimming capability to Post-Production Console.

Added ability to set caption across multiple segments.

Optional text notification to other party that call is being recorded.

Now records correctly if speakers are 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound. (NOTE: recording is mono only).

Other minor fixes. Changes

First public release.

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  1. +1 Vote -1 Vote +1Gesner Herard, Jr.

    Are there more detailed release notes, esp. now that have to pay for future updates.

  2. -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Anonymous

    This page is extremely hard to find or navigate to. This should be easy to get to from main, and especially, the download page.

    • Jeremy Hague | VodBurner Team
      +1 Vote -1 Vote +1Jeremy Hague | VodBurner Team

      Good suggestion – we have linked to this page from the VodBurner for Windows page (www.vodburner.com/win)

  3. -1 Vote -1 Vote +1admin

    Marco and others: As of we have full support for recording of screen sharing (up to resolutions of 1920 x 1080).

  4. +2 Vote -1 Vote +1marco

    you should allow for recording while screen sharing. This would be awesome for recording online classes or meetings. Right now we see only green screen when recording and having screen sharing going on at the same time.

    • -1 Vote -1 Vote +1admin

      Hi Marco,
      Yes this is on our list to incorporate soon.
      Actually you may find it works if you share a selection rather than the whole desktop, but we plan to provide full desktop support also.
      Paul Andrews
      VodBurner Team