VodBurner's Post-Production Console for recording & editing Skype video conversations

VodBurner's Post-Production Console for recording & editing Skype video conversations

Click here to get VodBurner recording your Skype video calls. You’ll be up and running in less than 5 minutes. (Don’t have Skype? Click here to get started with Skype).

What does it cost?

  • VodBurner is free to install.
  • Recording Skype-to-Skype calls with other VodBurner users is completely free of charge. There are no time limits or other limitations.
  • Recording calls with non-VodBurner users is also free, but recordings have a VodBurner watermark added to them.
  • Basic video editing (add/remove transitions, skip segments, add basic captions) is completely free of charge.
  • Advanced video editing (add text, pictures, audio) is free for calls with other VodBurner users.
  • To produce videos without the watermark, or to use Advanced video editing for calls to non-VodBurner users, you can purchase a VodBurner subscription. Click here for pricing details.

VodBurner Features

  • Create complete video productions directly from Skype calls.
  • Record both sides of any Skype video conversation, directly to your hard disk.
  • Captures at full frame rate and maximum resolution for the best quality possible.
  • Once the call is complete, generate a single complete video, incorporating both sides of the call, with just a couple of clicks.
  • Edit the video prior to publishing, using the built in Post-Production Console.
  • Alter which camera is used at any point (this side, other side or both sides).
  • Trim portions of the call so they do not appear in the final production.
  • Add text captions to the final production, with the ability to alter font, color and background.
  • Add pictures to the final production.
  • Add background audio to the final production, with professional fading options and volume control.
  • Generate ASF/WMV files suitable for uploading directly to YouTube and other services.
  • Upload directly to YouTube for public or private sharing.
  • Generate video with your choice of aspect ratio and resolution.
  • Anti-drift technology keeps both sides of the call in sync.
  • Ideal for podcast interview recording.
  • Ideal for recording shared desktop sessions.

Not a Skype User?
If you don’t have Skype, it’s a great way to call standard phone lines for a small fee, or other Skype users for free. Click here to get started with Skype.

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