VodBurner and Disks formatted as FAT32

VodBurner is not supported on hard disks formatted as FAT32.

To see what your hard disk is formatted as, go to Windows > Computer (or “My Computer”), right-click the hard drive and choose “Properties”. Near the top of the page you should see a label “File System” – to the right of that you can see the format of your hard drive. Usually this will be “NTFS”, which is the format supported by VodBurner.

If yours shows as FAT32, we strongly recommend that you either choose a different hard disk to store VodBurner recordings, or convert the disk to NTFS format.

Choose a different hard disk to store recordings on
To do this, from the main VodBurner window go to Options > Configure > Recording. Click the “Browse” button to navigate to a folder on a different hard disk (e.g. external USB drive).

Convert your FAT32 hard disk to NTFS format
Click here to see how to convert. IMPORTANT: Back up any important files before you do this.

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