How do I show only the other party and not me?

When you first open a VodBurner recording for editing, you will notice that it switches between you and the other party, depending on who is talking at each point.

If you only want to show the other party for the entire video, follow these steps:

1. Open the recording in the Post-Production Console (click the call in the “Previous Calls” tab then click the “Edit” button).

2. Click “Clear all transitions”.

3. In the option box in the right-hand panel, choose “Other Side”.

You will notice that the clips under the timeline all change to show the video for the other side only.

Removing Audio

The above tells you how to remove your side of the video.  What about if you want to remove your audio also?

Although this capability is not an intended feature of the product, you can achieve it by following these steps:

1. Go to the folder containing the recording (Previous Calls > Expand > Open Containing Folder).

2. Make a copy of the project.xml file to another folder.

3. Remove all files except the .VBC files.

4. Remove the file “AudioThisSide.VBC”.

5. Quit VodBurner and restart it.

6. Edit the recording again.

7. To restore any changes you made to the original project, close the post-production console, copy back the project.xml file from step 2, then Edit again.

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