How do I cancel my VodBurner subscription? (for customers subscribing prior to February 2011 only)

This information applies to customers who purchased a monthly subscription prior to February 2011 only. (Monthly subscriptions are no longer available).

You can cancel your subscription at any time, without penalty and without needing to contact us. If you cancel, you can resubscribe later if you wish, again with no penalty.

To cancel your monthly VodBurner subscription, sign in to the PayPal account you used to purchase the subscription. (You may have set this up specially to pay the subscription, so search your emails for messages from PayPal if you can’t remember the sign-in details. All VodBurner subscriptions are paid for via PayPal.)

Once you are signed in to PayPal, find the most recent VodBurner transaction in your list of transactions, and click on its “details” link.

Click “View Details”.

Click “Cancel Profile”. Confirm when prompted.

Once you do this no further payments will be processed.

If you want to keep using VodBurner but don’t like the idea of a monthly payment, you can now purchase a lifetime license for a one-off feeclick here for more information.

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