I can’t find a recording that I made – what should I do?

First check your version by going to the VodBurner window, then clicking the “Help” tab followed by the “About VodBurner” button.

If you have a version prior to please update by clicking here .

All of your recordings should appear in the “Previous Calls” tab, and you should be able to click your call then click Edit to view and edit the recording, and to generate the finished video file for playback in Windows Media Player or other players.

Usually the Previous Calls tab will list the call with the name of the other party, and the duration of the call. However if there was a problem during recording, your call may show up as a “Recovered Call” with a duration of “1:00”. You can still open these calls and edit exactly the same as for normal calls.

If you are still unable to locate your recording, contact support by clicking here. To speed up the support process, zip and attach all files from the folder Documents\VodBurner\Logs to your support ticket.

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