How to delete portions of a recording

If there are parts of the conversation you don’t want to include in your finished video, follow these steps to delete them:

1. Click in the timeline at the start of the portion to be deleted.
2. Click the “Add Transition” button.
3. Click in the timeline at the end of the portion to be deleted.
4. Click the “Add Transition” button. Now you have two new transitions, one at the start of the portion and one at the end. You may have other transitions in between however, so proceed to the next step to remove these.
5. If there are transitions between the two you just added, click on each one and click the “Delete Transition” button for each of them.
6. Click in between the two transitions you added, then click “Trim > Skip Current Segment” in the toolbar. The segment will show as red in the timeline, and the video thumbprint frames under the timeline will show as black (if the segment is reasonably large). When you generate the finished video, the segment will be skipped.

NOTE: The segment is not permanently deleted. You can reinstate the segment at any time by selecting “This Side”, “Other Side” or “Both Sides” in the option box in the right-hand pane. (Or click “Undo” multiple times to undo the steps above).

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