How to avoid echo in VodBurner recordings

If you are hearing an echo in your VodBurner recordings, try the following steps:

1. If the echo delay is small, and you are playing back the recording in the post-production console, try generating the finished video (Finish > Generate Video File) and playing it back. You may find that the echo is not present, or less noticeable. (Please note that this does not apply to recordings made using “Direct to MP4” mode).

2. During calls, turn down the speaker volume in your Windows settings (NOTE: Don’t alter your Skype volume setting unless you want to change the actual volume of sound in the recording itself).

3. If you still hear an echo, or if the volume is now below a comfortable setting for you to listen to the call, try using a headset, or alter the positioning of your speakers if possible to be directed away from the microphone.

What if I already recorded – can I remove the echo?

(Note: this advice does not apply to recordings made using “Direct to MP4 mode”).

If you have a recording you already made, that has an echo in it even in the finished video file, you may be able to use the post-production console to reduce or remove the echo. This requires some experimentation to line up the audio exactly for both sides.

To do this, click the Properties button in the “Compose” toolbar in the post-production console.

In “Other Side Sync Adjustment”, enter a time interval to shift the other side by. Usually this will be a fraction of a second – you need to estimate the echo delay here – e.g. try 0.3 seconds.

When you click OK, VodBurner will reprocess the files, shifting the other side by the specified number of seconds.

Once this completes, generate the finished video and see if the echo is improved. If not, you need to try again with a different setting.

Note: Each adjustment is off the base, i.e. absolute, and is not relative to the previous adjustment. So if you try 0.3 seconds, and need to try again with a slightly bigger adjustment, try 0.4 seconds rather than 0.1 seconds.

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