How to enhance your VodBurner videos

VodBurner’s Enhance Tab has a range of powerful features to dress-up your recorded Skype video call during the editing process.  To access the Enhance features, select a previously recorded call, select Edit, and the VodBurner Post-Production Console will open.

The Enhance tab is shown below – it is the second tab from the left up the top of the Post-Production console:

The Enhance Tab

The Enhance Tab

In the VodBurner enhance tab, there are three main features:

  • Add Text
  • Add Picture
  • Add Audio

Add Text

Click the Add Text button to add text on your video (as shown below):

Enhance - Add Text button

Enhance - Add Text button

In this example, you can see that we have added two pieces of text. The first being “Paul” and the second being “Jeremy”.

On the lower right-hand side of the Post-Production Console, you can control the Font Size, Colour, Background, and the time period for which the Text is shown on the screen (as shown below):

Enhance - Add Text Controls

Enhance - Add Text Controls

Add Picture

The Add Picture button

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