How to record Skype Video Calls

First, install VodBurner if you have not done so already from

After installing, VodBurner should start automatically. If not, start it from your Windows Start menu.

Open the Skype main window and wait for Skype to ask for permission for VodBurner to connect to Skype. Click “Allow Access” when prompted. (If you experience difficulty with this step please click here for assistance).

Make a Skype Video call. VodBurner will start recording automatically.

VodBurner Call Window

VodBurner Call Window

If VodBurner does not start recording automatically, you can click Record at any point during the call.  (To configure automatic recording, go to Options > Configure > Recording, and tick/untick the “Start Recording Automatically” option).

After the call is finished, VodBurner will prompt you to “View and Edit” the recording in the Post-Production Console.  If you don’t want to do this straight away, you can do it later by going to the “Previous Calls” tab, clicking on the call, then clicking “Edit”.  You need to do this in order to play back the call and to create a finished .ASF file.

At this point you may need to wait while VodBurner converts the raw recording to a usable format.  You will see a progress window, after which the Post-Production Console will appear.

To create the finished .ASF file, go to the “Finish” tab in the Post-Production Console and click the “Generate Video File” button.  This file can be renamed to a WMV file if you wish (the internal format is WMV).

Before creating the .ASF file however, you will probably want to do some editing.  For help with this, visit Using the Post-Production Console Menu.

If you have problems with any of the above, visit our Support Page.

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