How to save VodBurner recordings to separate WAV files

VodBurner does a great job at recording Skype video calls.  It also has advanced audio features such as the ability to record each side of the Skype video call to separate .WAV files.  This is useful if you are trying to make a podcast of your recording as separate WAV files means you have greater control in editing / mixing down for podcast.  Follow these steps to export WAV files from your VodBurner recordings:

  1. In VodBurner, go to the Previous Calls tab.
  2. Select your recording and click Edit.
  3. In VodBurner’s Post-Production Console, go to the “Finish” tab.  Click the “Generate Video File” button to create an MP4 file.
  4. The Generate Video File dialog is shown.  Tick the WAV file option “Generate separate audio files (WAV) to create a WAV file for each side (as shown below) and click OK:


Note: VodBurner doesn’t create MP3 files but you can use free utilities such as WinFF ( ) to convert from MP4 to MP3.

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