VodBurner stuck on “Preparing recorded call for editing” – how can I fix?

There is a known (but rare) issue in VodBurner that can cause the application to hang when it is preparing a recorded call for editing.

The workaround for this issue is as follows: (NOTE: only use this workaround if the progress bar has been stuck at 100% for some time. If the progress bar is not at 100%, the application is most likely not stuck, and will respond once the preparation process is complete).

1. Restart your PC.
2. In VodBurner, click the “Previous Calls” tab.
3. Click the call in the list.
4. Click “Expand”.
5. Click “Open Containing Folder”.
6. Remove the file called “refining”.
7. Go back to the Previous Calls tab and click “Edit”.

Usually this will allow you to open the recording and edit/generate as per usual.

If this doesn’t work for you, send your VodBurner log files to [email protected], and leave a support ticket with details of your problem. The log files can be found in the folder Documents\VodBurner\Logs. They contain diagnostic messages that may help us to locate the cause of the problem. (Note: the log files do not contain any video or audio content).

Before sending the log files, quit VodBurner by right-clicking the VodBurner icon in the system tray and choosing “Quit”. If you don’t see the VodBurner icon in the system tray, click the small white arrow in the tray to show hidden icons. (Note: the system tray is the group of small icons at bottom right of your screen).

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