VodBurner Privacy Policy

We protect your privacy. Here is the information we collect:

  • Web log statistics, such as number of hits to our web site, downloads, checks for software updates.
  • Name and email address when you download a free trial.
  • Street address, phone numbers when you purchase.
  • Software logs, if you email these to us for support purposes.

We track hits to our web site, number of downloads etc. through the use of standard web logs. The software also checks back with our web site on average once a day, to see if there are any updates, and we track the number of hits generated by this, in order to monitor the total number of users using our products. Web log statistics do not include any personal identifying information, but they do include IP addresses. We use IP addresses to analyse web site usage, for example by country or region. We do not attempt to tie IP addresses back to individual users. We do not disclose information contained in web logs to anyone else. The name and email address you submit when downloading are kept on file. We do not to disclose these details to anyone else. We will use the name and email address to send you information regarding our products and/or services, unless you tell us you don’t want us to. (You can do this by either unchecking the checkbox on the download form, or by contacting us via our support page at any time). The name, email address, street address and phone numbers you enter when purchasing are also kept on file, both by us and by our e-merchant, PayPal. We do not disclose these details to anyone else. Software logs are only received by us if you send them to us manually. These may contain personal information, due to the nature of the software and of the need to log the behaviour of the software in order to trace problems. We promise not to store or utilise your personal information should it be contained in software logs that you send to us. If you are not comfortable with this you should edit logs before sending to us, in order to remove personal information. If you have questions about this policy, please contact us via our support page.

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