Recording both sides of your Skype call at a consistent volume

VodBurner records what you say and hear through Skype.  In order to get the best sounding recordings, you need to make sure that your underlying Skype call sounds as good as it can be.

To ensure that you record your Skype calls at a consistent volume on both sides of the call (your side, and the other side), follow these steps:

1.       Wear a headset instead of using your PC speakers.  Wearing a headset (even a cheap one) can make a huge difference.  The main advantage with a headset is that the microphone can record you clearer as it is right near your mouth as you talk. If you need a headset, see our range.

2.       Make a few tests calls to one of your Skype contacts. Listen to how the audio sounds during the call and then play back the recorded VodBurner file and listen to the audio levels in the recording. Tip: If you can’t find anyone to do a test call with, try calling “echo123” – Skype’s Call Testing Service. If the audio is still not sounding consistent on both sides, see the Skype Sound Setup Guide, or contact us for help.

3.       Once you have the Skype settings just right for recording, adjust your Windows volume controls for listening comfort (these do not affect the level at which VodBurner records).

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    Hi Lee and Mary,
    For advice on removing echo, please see

  2. +1 Vote -1 Vote +1Lee and Mary Bortel

    We were able to record a rather lengthy video call today, THANK YOU! We do, however, have a question. Upon playing back, we find there’s an echo when the ‘other’ party is speaking. Is there anything we can do in the editing process to remove this echo? LOVE THE PRODUCT! You saved us! Thank you!