Adding Text to your VodBurner Videos

Follow these steps to add text to your VodBurner video:

1. Click the “Enhance” tab in the Post-Production console.

2. Click in the time-line at the time that you want the text to start appearing. If you want it to appear at the very start, click at the very left hand side of the timeline.

3. Click “Add Text”.

4. A text item will appear in the large video frame on the left of the Post-Production Console.

5. In the right-hand panel, you will see a text entry box. Type your text here.

6. You will see small white handles around the edge of the text. Click and drag on these handles to resize the text. Click and drag in the middle of the text to position it.

7. Click the “Font…” button in the right-hand panel and choose the font you want to use, along with font size and bold/italic etc, then click OK.

8. Click the “Change Display Time…” button in the right-hand panel.

9. Under “Finish displaying item”, choose “After … seconds”, and change the number of seconds to how many seconds you want the picture to display for. Click OK.

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