VodBurner Disk Space and Quality Tuning

By default, VodBurner creates VBC (VodBurner Crude) files. These can contain uncompressed or compressed video.

Uncompressed video can take a large amount of disk space, but places low load on the computer’s CPU, and therefore has little to no impact on call quality.

Compressed video takes less space, but quality may be affected.

VodBurner offers two types of compression:

  • Medium disk space; Very good quality.
  • Minimum disk space; Good quality.

Medium disk space
The “Medium disk space” option uses lossless compression. This means that there is no loss of quality as a result of the compression itself. There may be an impact on call quality due to the additional processing power required to do the compression, although this will be negligible on modern PCs and laptops. You can expect VBC files to be 50-75% smaller using this option.

Minimum disk space
The “Minimum disk space” option uses “H.264” compression – an industry standard. This is a “lossy” compression technique meaning that the reproduction is not exact, however the differences will be barely noticeable to the human eye. If you are using a PC or laptop with a second generation I3, I5 or I7 Intel processor, there should be no impact on call quality, as these processors have dedicated H.264 compression. If you are using any other PC or laptop, there may be an impact on call and recording quality due to the additional processing power required. You can expect VBC files to be 95% smaller or better using this option.

How to alter
To alter the compression used, or to turn off compression, click the “Disk Space” tab in the main VodBurner window. You can change the option during a call, to experiment with what works best for you. The display updates in real time to show you the current frame rate and disk space usage.

If you have problems with, or questions about the features described above, please contact VodBurner Support.

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