VodBurner File Formats

VodBurner initially records to its own internal format: VBC files.  (VBC – VodBurner Crude).  There are usually four of these for video calls (two for audio-only calls). (Click here to see how to record with VodBurner).

VBC files are not playable.

You can convert these directly to MP4 without editing, by clicking the “Convert” button in the “Previous Calls” tab. (Note: a full license is required for this). This creates two separate MP4 files, one for each side of the call. If you need a single file containing both sides, read on.

When you Edit a recording for the first time, VodBurner converts the VBC files to two ASX files – “This Side.asx” and “Other Side.asx”.  These may be playable on some systems, but are not intended to be a final result ready for publishing.  They are uncompressed and are restricted in resolution to 320×240 only.  They are used by the Post-Production Console for playback and editing.

The “Generate Video File” button in the “Finish” tab of the Post-Production Console generates your choice of a .WMV, .MP4 or a .ASF file, ready for publishing.  (Note: for MP4 a full license is required).

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