Welcome to the VodBurner FAQ page.

Which versions of Skype do we support?

IMPORTANT NOTE: VodBurner works best with Skype 6.9 or earlier. If you have a later version you are welcome to try it but you may experience stability issues and we highly recommend you revert to Skype 6.9 as described here.

The primary cause of other VodBurner problems is conflicts with other Skype recording applications – e.g. Evaer, Replay telecorder, Applian, Pamela, Super-tin-tin or IM-Capture. If you have ever installed these products click here to see how to fix the conflicts (even if you have since uninstalled the other applications).

Answers to other commonly asked questions are listed below:

How do I delete unwanted portions from the finished video?

The installer gives me an error message, or just hangs, how do I fix?

I get an error message saying that “vodburner_ppc.exe” or “vodburner_refine.exe” has stopped working – what should I do?

I get an error message when generating the finished video file – how can I fix this?

The application is stuck on “Preparing recorded call for editing?” – what should I do?

How do I save a recording to a different format?

How do I turn off automatic recording?

I can’t find a recording that I made – what should I do?

How do I avoid echo in, or remove echo from, my recordings?

How do I get VodBurner to store recordings in a different folder?

Can I use my paid license on more than one computer?

How do I cancel my monthly VodBurner subscription? (For older subscribers only [prior to February 2011])

I accidentally deleted a recording – can I get it back?

The installer hangs or freezes – how do I get it to complete?

I am only interested in recording audio – how can I do this?

How do I show only the other party in the recording, and not myself?

How do I add pictures and set them to show at a specific time and for a specified duration?

How do I add text and set it to show at a specific time and for a specified duration?

Does VodBurner record all audio in a multi-party call?

General Troubleshooting

How to save VodBurner recordings to separate WAV files

How to record Skype video direct to MP4

–Coming soon to the VodBurner FAQ–

How do I edit my video so that I have the video and audio of one side of a call, and not both sides?

How can I reduce the amount of disk space VodBurner uses?

How can I reduce the size of the finished video?

How do I convert a VBC file to a standard video format?

How do I produce a WMV file?

VodBurner is reporting an error with “vodburner_ppc” – what should I do?

I am getting an error message “An internal error occurred – video file was not generated” – what should I do?

Is there a maximum recording time?

How can I move my old recordings to a different disk?

I have finished editing – what files can I remove to free up space?

How do I share the finished video with colleagues?

How can I adjust the volume of my side and the other side in my recordings?

Can VodBurner record Skype HD video (720p)?

I changed computers – how do I activate my license?

VodBurner is reporting that my serial key has already been activated on another computer – what should I do?

If I purchase a subscription, will the watermark be removed from videos I already recorded?

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